Torah Growth for the Contemporary Jewish Woman

Join the most amazing network of growth-oriented Jewish women in the world today with The Binah Tree’s interactive, impactful phone and online classes. Connect in a very deep way to what you are learning and to the collective wisdom of all the women in the group through our innovative platform. Fit your learning into your schedule – participating is only a button away.

Our Features

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Join our weekly phone conference calls. If you can’t make the live call, your subscription lets you listen to the audio recordings.



Learn in an interactive group, with women like yourself. Explore key areas of Torah life with your peers. It’s your chabura!



Share ideas, get to know each other, or spark up a conversation. Ask the Rabbi questions and get involved in your learning, together.


The Binah Tree is not just about learning, it’s about community. Our membership-based social platform encourages women to share ideas, get feedback, and ask questions about the topics they are learning.

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Wide Variety of Topics

Nefesh HaChaim

To Suit Your Learning Needs

Six Constant Mitzvos: The Number Six

Learning Options


    Da’as AtzmechaDa'as Atzmecha: A woman's head in profile with gears of thought turning


    Nefesh HaChaimNefesh HaChaim

  • Shaar Avodas Elokim

    Hands raised heavenward in prayer

  • Shaar Habitachon


  • Health & Wellbeing

    A Tea Pot with Cup and Leaves

  • Tanya

    An Open Book with Hebrew Letters Flying From the Page

  • Practical Halacha

    Practical Halachah: A Stack of Hebrew Books

  • Six Constant Mitzvos

    The Numeral Six

Our Pricing Plans



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  • Live Chabura
  • Audio Recordings (4/month)
  • Online Discussions
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  • UNLIMITED Access to all Live Chaburas
  • Audio Recordings
  • Online Discussions
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