Health and Wellbeing

  • Four Classes per Month
  • Nine Month Course Cycle
  • Sundays 1pm EST
  • Balance The Spiritual with the Physical

    The Torah teaches us to care for our physical selves in order to enable the soul to blossom.

  • Torah Views on Medical Interventions

    Learn how Judaism approaches modern advancements in health, medicine and healing.

  • Timeless Wisdom for Life

    Gain timeless wisdom for attaining physical, emotional, and spiritual, and communal well being

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“The purpose of Torah is to help us acheive spiritual completion, but physical and emotional well being are absolutely necessary to facilitate this spiritual level. Therefore a person must have in place a system for attaining and maintaining physical well being and emotional balance”Rambam, Hilchos De'os, Ch 2:1, 3:1

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Join us and see how this deeper understanding and awareness of our connection and influence on the spiritual realm will help you transform to be a more spiritual person.

Health and Well Being – Curriculum Outline

Defining health and well being

  1. References in Tanach, Mishneh, and Gemara
  2. Is our definition of well being holistic or specific?
  3. Communal health

Why pursue well being?

  1. The goal of health and well being
  2. Torah and Mitzvos as the main strategy to attain it
  3. Halachik basis for pursuing well being
  4. The underlying root of lack, weakness, and illness in creation

How to pursue well being

  1. Bitachon and hishtadlus
  2. Personal madreigah (spiritual level)
  3. Self awareness
  4. Divine Decree (Gezeirah) vs Natural Order (Minhago shel olam)


  1. Preventative care vs Refuah (healing)
  2. Chazal’s knowledge and views within refuah
  3. Western medicine vs. Eastern medicine
  4. The four realms – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
  5. Mental illness from a Torah perspective
  6. Secular knowledge
  7. Concerns with emotional, mental, and spiritual healing
  8. The growing popularity of complementary medicine
  9. Avodah Zara, kishhuf, Darkei emori, kefirah
  10. Darkei noam vs Darkei refuah (sweetening bitter with bitter)


  1. Qualifications of the practitioner
  2. The best of doctors go to gehinnom
  3. Payment for treatment
  4. The weight of the doctor’s opinions

Torah strategies for well being

  1. The Rambam’s six-part physical regimen (Making it Personalized)
  2. Torah strategies for a healthy heart (emotional well being) and mind

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