Nefesh HaChaim

  • Four Classes per Month
  • Thirty Month Course Cycle
  • Mondays 2pm EST
  • Do You Want to Change the World?

    Change your outlook: Nefesh HaChaim teaches us the true significance of our thoughts, speech and actions.

  • Prayer and Blessings Passing You By?

    Nefesh HaChaim deciphers the mystery underlying our prayers and blessings, making a difference in your daily avodah and inspiring growth.

  • Perplexed by the Unity of Hashem?

    If you don't know where to begin in understanding this deep and difficult subject, Nefesh HaChaim will help you break through to a whole new level of understanding.

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“Every aspect of Torah and Mitzvos corresponds to a certain form and level of spiritual influence in the universe, when we use body and soul along with the faculties of thought, speech, and action to keep Torah and Mitzvos, we are releasing these different influences and drawing into our universe new life, new blessing, new holiness and sustaining the whole system.”Nefesh HaChaim, Shaar 2, Ch. 6-7

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Per Month
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  • Social Forum
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Per Month
  • Audio Access
  • Social Forum
  • Live Chaburos
  • Unlimited Access to All Chaburos
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Join us and see how this deeper understanding and awareness of our connection and influence on the spiritual realm will help you transform to be a more spiritual person.

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