Practical Halacha

  • Four Classes per Month
  • Nine Month Course Cycle
  • Wednesdays 2pm EST
  • Knowledge of Halacha a Little Fragmented?

    This is your chance to gain real clarity in the practical day-to-day halachos that you confront every day.

  • Confused by the Many Options and Approaches?

    Rav Cable will help you navigate the 'sea of halacha' so that you arrive at your destination safe and sound.

  • Have Questions but No One to Ask?

    You can mail your questions in advance and Rabbi Cable will address them in the group in a straightforward and clear manner.

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“Halacha in Hebrew means to walk. The halacha teaches us how to walk with Hashem and how to reach a more elevated state of connection to our creator as it says in the verse “the path of life is upward for the wise person”, this is why the Tur and Shulchan Aruch called the first section of their presentation of halacha “Orach Chaim”- the path of life”Based on Aruch Hashulchan Orach Chaim, Siman 1

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Per Month
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  • Live Chaburos
  • Unlimited Access to All Chaburos
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Over a longer period of time, the chaburah will cover aspects from within the following topics but will not limited to them:

  1. General Introduction to Halacha and The Common Terminology
  2. Laws of Prayer for Women
  3. Laws of Blessings
  4. Laws of Shabbos
  5. Laws of the Festivals
  6. Laws of Fasting
  7. Laws Relating to the Life Cycle
  8. Dietary Laws
  9. Laws of Keeping a Kosher Kitchen
  10. Laws Relating to the Home
  11. Laws of Borrowing and Lending From Neighbors and Friends
  12. Laws of Raising Children
  13. Laws Between Jews and Gentiles
  14. Laws of Honoring Parents
  15. The Laws of Bein Adam Lachaveiro (Interpersonal Relationships)

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