Shaar HaBitachon

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  • Four Classes per Month
  • Nine Month Course Cycle
  • Monday 10am EST
  • Worried? Stressed?

    Shaar HaBitachon is about developing a close and trusting relationship with Hashem. Break out of the cycle of worry and stress.

  • Trouble Relating with Hashem?

    Bring the Divine into focus with the day-to-day by seeing Hashem's influence even in the most mundane areas of life.

  • Get the Big Picture

    If you want to feel at ease, knowing that Hashem is in charge, then join us in deepening our Bitachon with Rabbi Cable and Chovos Halevavos

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“Our trust in Hashem applies to all areas of life, whether they regard material concerns, the service of Hashem through Torah and Mitzvos, matters of this world, or matters of the next world”Shaar HaBitachon, Ch. 4

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  • Unlimited Access to All Chaburos
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Per Month
  • Audio Access
  • Social Forum
  • Live Chaburos
  • Unlimited Access to All Chaburos
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Join us and learn how to bring the trust of Hashem into every area of your life.

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