Six Constant Mitzvos

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  • A Well-Founded Relationship

    The Six-Constant Mitzvos are the goals and the foundations of Judaism. Their observance firmly grounds our lives in Avodas Hashem.

  • Love and Awe

    Constant practise brings us to experience abiding love and reverent awe of Hashem.

  • Walk in the Presence of God

    By practising this constant meditation, you will walk with Hashem wherever you go.

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“The Six Constant Mitzvos are unique in that they are incumbent upon all of us at all times in our lives. They are about creating a state of being of constant connection to Hashem. Each one of the six is like one of the six cities of refuge spoken about in the Torah. These mitzvos are our bastion and fortress in life where we connect to our Emunah and Bitachon as well as our love and awe of our creator.”Sefer HaChinuch, Introduction

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The Six Constant Mitzvos are:

  1. Know Hashem
  2. Don’t rely on any other powers
  3. Know Hashem is one
  4. Love Hashem
  5. Fear Hashem
  6. Don’t follow after the desires of your heart and eyes

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