Rabbi Cable’s chaburos are thrilling because they reflect integrated Torah. Rabbi Cable makes accessible deep insights relevant to every person today and nourishes our souls with love of Hashem, yiras shemayim and ideas for protecting our souls from negative influences.Shuli Kleinman
Learning with Rav Cable is a life altering experience! He has the unequalled ability to communicate high, mystical ideas in a way which brings them down into practical daily life.
Devorah Yaffa Singer
I couldn’t find straight answers… until I joined Rabbi Tzadok Cable’s phone Chaburah. He steered the Chaburah to the proper holistic partnership between body and soul according to the Torah. Thank you, Rabbi Cable!Shoshana Packouz
A course that presents the fundamentals of Chazal with a depth rarely available in women’s shiurim and develops their relevance to our challenges. Most rewarding and at times even crucial is the opportunity for clarification following the class via email correspondence.
Miriam Kalchstein
Shalom Rabbi Cable. I am a member of the Alei Shur Chabura and want to tell you how much I am enjoying the classes! What I have learned has made a profound difference in my understanding of and appreciation of learning and living Torah. Thank you so much for these in depth classes!Elaine Viders
I also have taken classes with Rav Cable, such as Alei Shur, Chovos Halevavos and Nefesh Hachayim. Rav Cable is absolutely dynamic and intriguing and keeps you captivated the entire class time. I have been learning with him for a few years. This is truly a special opportunity for us to gather and learn together. There is a tremendous koach when we join in a learning group.Michele Galen